System Engineer

Position Summary:
The System Engineer provides field support to the system deployment process by working in coordination with the Project Manager and Regional System Specialist. This individual supports the pre and post-sale coordination of system infrastructure deployment including field support of software, hardware and backhaul. During system infrastructure deployment, he/she assists with the field activities of the group and serves as liaison between the customer, contractors, and Neptune to ensure system deployments meet customer expectations. The System Engineer performs and completes accurate RF propagation studies for fixed network systems while also coordinating with the propagation, engineering, and marketing developments. The person in this role supports Quality and Engineering initiatives, monitors and evaluates system performance in cooperation with the Sales Support and RSS Team, and provides reports as required. The System Engineer must comply with technical requirements and meet customer expectations.Travel is required for this position.


  1. Support Quality and Engineering initiatives, monitor system performance in cooperation with the Sales Support and RSS Team. Evaluate system performance, accessing databases and operating application software, identifying and presenting technical recommendations for improved system performance. Proactively work with the Regional System Specialist to provide customer field support. Conduct and support onsite deployed system configuration, including troubleshooting and repair of system hardware as necessary. Travel as necessary.
  2. Complete propagation analysis requests from sales. Use EDX Signal Pro propagation software to map a utility‚ s service area, locate meter addresses via geo-coding, locate collector locations via GPS latitude/longitude and make recommendations for optimal number and location for collector sites. Coordinate optimization of propagation model for systems, including equipment specifications, model settings, clutter, etc. using system measurement and performance data. Include writing code in VBA, SQL, etc.
  3. System Deployment Support‚ Provide pre and post-sales field support to the System Infrastructure Deployment Process. In coordination with Project Managers, work with customers and third party contractors including Prime Contractors, Tower Companies, Water Tower Service Providers, Communication Tower Owners, Hosted Services Providers, etc. Support the activities of the System Deployment Project Manager during the Turnkey Deployment process as required. Travel to projects as necessary. Support weekly status meetings for internal and external status.
  4. Coordinate preparations associated with FCC/IC site licenses. Coordinate requests for frequency pairs, frequency analysis, and frequency applications. Requires coordination and completion of required administration for application processing as necessary.
  5. Support RFP responses, documentation/manuals and presentations.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Experience:Entry-level or up to 5 years of applicable experience (RF, wireless, or cellular engineering)

Special Training: RF Propagation, Site Surveys, Frequency Monitoring and Analysis, System Collector and MIU deployment, FCC licensing, technical writing.

Location: Tallassee, AL

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